Model Horses of British Native Breeds for Horse
Lovers Worldwide to Cherish

How our Models are Made:

Making Model Horses is an art form- and one that we have learned about very quickly! Each Copperfox Model starts life as an idea and goes through several steps, processes and mediums to become the final piece.
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Discover our Moulds:

Our herd includes the Welsh Cob, Connemara Pony, Exmoor Pony and the Irish Sports Horse. Discover our moulds, their sculptors, inspiration and their stories.
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Meet the Copperfox Herd:

Our range of models are focused around breeds of horses and ponies that can be found within the British Isles.  All the model are created in the popular 1:9th scale and capture the features, characteristics and grace of each breed.
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The Whole Package:

Each Copperfox Model is presented in our unique Union Jack collectors box, ensuring your model travels safely to it's new home. Each box includes other extras like a certificates and an online mag.

Catch Up on the News:

Gallop on over to our blog to catch up on the latest news, discover the stories behind our models, watch videos and see behind the scenes. It's crammed full of information and is the place to find out all the latest happenings in our little world.

Hand Crafted Models:

Our models are made from a mixture of plastics which creates a model that has an amazing amount of detail whilst being durable, substantial and possessing a delicate finish and feel.
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